Tiny Tigers Program

We are obsessed with helping your child succeed

Martial Arts training that will improve your child’s behavior both at home and at school.

Here at OMAC, our instructors really do make the difference. We understand the unique challenges a young adolescent 3-5 year old can present to both teachers and parents.

You have our guarantee that all our “tigers” receive step by step training from our patient, enthusiastic, and energetic staff on their road to black belt excellence.


All the positive attributes you learn through Tae Kwon Do training lead to personal success in the future.

Class Schedule

Class schedules for all our convenient locations in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.



  1. Obey parents
  2. Cooperate with Brothers and Sisters
  3. Respect teachers and elders
  4. Complete Homework as first priority
  5. Always finish what you started

Our instructors are always encouraging, friendly and act as positive role models for your child. We thrive on giving your child the focus to learn the Martial Arts so that they will improve their behavior both at home and at school. Our staff is obsessed with finding your child’s success.

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