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Ayden was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at the age of 6 and when we thought his dreams of becoming a black belt were over, and that he would have to quit training. The amazing response he received from OMAC was overwhelming… Our family is eternally grateful to the ENTIRE OMAC team and we thank you for your continued support for our son Ayden. He loves you all so very dearly and you will always hold a special place in our hearts! (Read Sonja’s full message here.)

Sonja Soares

Parent of a 7 year old

From the first time I took my 4 year old son, Owen, to OMAC, it has become his favorite activity. I have always been impressed with the quality of the instruction… from the instructor/student ratio to the enthusiasm shown in every class…I would highly recommend OMAC to anybody looking for a fun and rewarding activity.

Becky Kellar

3 Time Canadian Women's Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist

Dushan has been very motivated and eager to earn all his belts. He has learned many virtues, from dedication, perseverance, and confidence. To listening to parents and elders, helping and respecting peers. Dushan has been at OMAC since 2008 and we have only the best words to describe the school. Please continue your excellent work and support for kids.

Kika Veljkovic

Parent of an 8 yr old

Daniel has a lot more confidence. The classes are great and I would highly recommend OMAC to everyone.


Parent of an 8 yr old

Cole is always happy to see the instructors, and they always treat each child with respect.

Mr Mocha

Parent of an 6 yr old

With great care from the instructors, Matthew’s fire for Tae Kwon Do is stronger than ever! Thank you!

Gina Makkar

Parent of an 9 yr old

…From the beginning, my husband and I were impressed with the high level of instruction and attention that each of the instructors paid to every student. All of the instructors have patience and care for the students and are truly there to make sure everyone reaches their potential and personal best.

Emily has NEVER been as keen to attend after school classes as she is her Tae Kwon Do! She has not only learned many different patterns and techniques at OMAC, but she has also learned how to be a more disciplined, attentive and cooperative student at school.

Our daughter has found the drive and motivation to become a black belt one day and we are so grateful to the staff at OMAC Burlington for lighting that fire within her.

Sarah Fulmer

Elementary School Teacher

Noticed a definite improvement in strength, focus and attention for Luke. The coaching of the staff is excellent – attention to detail, firm when need be but very compassionate and full of praise. They are ALL consistent in their approach which speaks so highly of their ethics and direction of the school.

Alan Murchison

Parent of a 6 yr old

We were really hoping to help Noah with his shyness and Tae Kwon Do has greatly improved that. We love your program!

racey Futko

Parent of a 6 yr old

You guys are doing a great job. George is self motivated and your program is perfectly balanced. Keep up the good work. That’s the recipe for your success and my son’s too.

Bogden Sterbei,

Parent of an 8 yr old

So far James is enjoying the class, he loves all the teachers and thinks their funny at times. Staff is very helpful and understanding of their needs.


Parent of a 6 yr old

Noah has always enjoyed being challenged but I think Tae Kwon Do has brought it out even more. It has also emphasized the importance of goal setting.

We appreciate the extra time that the instructors are willing to give if approached with some additional learning and preparation. We also like the balance of challenge, push and praise that is given by the instructors.

Angus Coll-Smith & Corina Cafazzo

Parent of an 8 yr old & 7 yr old

Aj’s excitement and dedication to Tae Kwon Do has been incredible. He is demonstrating great effort and focus on achieving his goal of becoming a Black Belt at OMAC and we fully support him in his pursuit.

Jason Cervi

Parent of a 9 yr old

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