Challenging and safe summer camps
for children of all ages.

Would you like your children to spend the summer being physically active, making friends, gaining confidence and having a great time?

That’s exactly what their summer will be like at OMAC’s World Class Martial Arts summer camp!

Our four Tae Kwon Do schools in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Trafalgar/Dundas Rd and Vaughan, all offer exciting, challenging summer camps for children of all ages.

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  • Become more physically fit, energetic and active.
  • Learn self control and cooperation
  • Tackle adversity
  • Learn the importance of courtesy and respect
  • Improve confidence
  • Set goals and learn how to achieve them

OMAC’s dedicated and experienced instructors are skilled in finding the right mix between learning, instruction and fun for children of all ages! We offer full Tae Kwon Do training as well as exciting activities and excursions. We provide the opportunity to learn in a positive environment for everyone at Tae Kwon Do summer camp.

Our clean, spacious and safe Tae Kwon Do facilities and talented Martial Arts instructors will work with your children to develop Martial Arts skills, confidence, focus and self-esteem. What more could you ask for?


All the positive attributes you learn through Tae Kwon Do training lead to personal success in the future.

Schedule of Events, Vaughan

Something new to do every day!

Schedule of Events, Burlington

Something new to do every day!

Schedule of Events, Oakville/Trafalgar

Something new to do every day!

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