Master Tobias Harrington, 4th dan

Director of Operations
Senior Instructor

Instructor Tobias Harrington started Taekwondo in Lagos, Nigeria in 1987.

After returning to Canada in 1989, he met Grand Master Kim while on vacation in Mississauga. A student of Grand Master Kim ever since, Instructor Tobias trained under the tutelage of Master Anthony Ilukhor (Nigerian Olympic team, Barcelona 1992) in Ottawa, up until he joined the OMAC team in 2014.

Instructor Tobias received his 4th Dan Black Belt at OMAC in 2008, and has continued his martial arts journey with humble appreciation of Grand Master Kim’s guidance.

Instructor Tobias also earned a Masters degree in Social Work from Carleton University in 2011, and is following his lifelong passion of Taekwondo with the OMAC team.