Master Minjun Kim, 5th Dan

Co-Owner and Head Master

Master Min began Taekwondo at the age of 5. Like many young ones, there were areas of his behavior that needed fixing, he lacked focus and respect. Against his father’s wishes, and his dream of Master Min becoming a soccer player, his Mother enrolled him in a Taekwondo School. Having a Master who was a Korean National Champion in 1979 as a sparring athlete, Master Min was encouraged to join the sparring team at the age of 12, at which point he began competing in tournaments.

Master Minjun Kim has won many medals in various competitions throughout his life; he was one of the 12 students from across the nation recruited within a year by Seoul Physical Education High School, the top school in Korea and competed in the National Championship. The level of discipline Master Min displays is unmatched and it is no wonder when he grew up training four times a day. He was sought after by multiple Universities and finally accepted a full four-year scholarship to Sang Myung University in Gwang Hwa Mun, Seoul. After completing University, Master Min joined the Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps where he competed in many tournaments and unfortunately became injured during his second tournament. After 11 surgeries and finishing his post in the armed forces, Master Min had no choice but to step down from his athlete sparring days in taekwondo.

After being recommended by his professor, Master Min moved to embarked on a new venture and joined the OMAC Team. His skill set and level of dedication that he brings to the OMAC students is second to none and we are certainly lucky to have him.