Master Harrison Chan started his Tae Kwon Do training under the guidance and teachings of grand master Kim (9th degree black belt) at the age of 5 years old. After getting bullied in a park, his mother decided to send him to Grand Master Kim to learn to defend and stand up for himself. The confidence he achieved and the investment in martial arts proved to be priceless as he was never bullied at school ever again.

During his studies and graduating from Appleby College (Oakville) and University of Toronto (St George Campus), he had decided to put all his focus and attention in teaching families the benefits of martial arts training.

He and his professional team of martial arts educators’ mission is to create a better quality of life both physically and mentally for everyone that steps through the doors at OMAC.

Master Harrison also has a number of different martial arts experience under his belt. He has trained for several years in Wing Chun (Kung Fu), Hae Dong Gum Do (Art of Sword), and Gigong (Kung Fu – life energy cultivation). His main area of expertise is in the art of Tae Kwon Do where he currently holds a 5th degree black belt rank.

He is currently the executive director of all OMAC locations and is striving to consistently keep providing the best value and empowering instructions, for all families at OMAC. Master Harrison is also a loving husband and father to 3 beautiful children who are of course all students at OMAC, training hard to achieve black belt excellence one day…