OMAC On-line system

How to access your belt-specific material


Use the menus (see image on the right) or register here now!
You only need to do this once.


Use the menus (see image on the right) or login here now!

Go to your rank’s Main Menu

At any time after you login hover over “Login” and click on your rank. Example on the right is from a 2nd dan Black Belt.

Your rank-specific page displays any rank-specific news and announcements as well as the curriculum menus for all belts up to and including your rank. Choose from menus at the top inside the grey background. See image above.

When you view the curriculum for a specific belt you can access any video by clicking on the “Play” button (arrow) at the center of the video. From this page you can quickly access the curriculum for any other belt up to your rank by clicking on the options in red on the right under “OMAC Curriculum”. Also, you can find material based on their type, for example all 1-step sparring videos, all Dae Mang patterns, etc. Just click on the corresponding tabs under “Tags”.

If your rank is not correct

If you login but still see your previous rank, or your rank is “White Belt”, please do not panic! Simply click on the button below and email the webmaster a photo of your latest rank certificate. Please include your username and full name for quicker processing.

Thank you

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