Family Martial Arts Classes

Spend quality time with your family!



Spending quality time with your family can sometimes seem impossible with today’s hectic lifestyle. We know that many parents are looking for activities that allow the entire family to spend time together.

At Master Kim’s Tae Kwon Do, you have a unique opportunity to attend class as a family. These special Tae Kwon Do classes are reserved for parents and children to learn side by side. You will go through all the challenges and goals together, spend quality time and meet a great group of friendly people.


Family Martial Arts Classes are an opportunity to:


  • Grow family unity
  • Take part in a beneficial and rewarding activity your family will enjoy
  • Get physically fit together with exciting exercises
  • Train in a positive, enthusiastic environment surrounded by motivated, driven people
  • Learn respect and confidence in one another


All the positive attributes you learn through Tae Kwon Do training lead to personal success in the future.

Dushan has been very motivated and eager to earn all his belts. He has learned many virtues, from dedication, perseverance, and confidence. To listening to parents and elders, helping and respecting peers. Dushan has been at OMAC since 2008 and we have only the best words to describe the school. Please continue your excellent work and support for kids.

Kika Veljkovic

Parent of an 8 yr old

Noah has always enjoyed being challenged but I think Tae Kwon Do has brought it out even more. It has also emphasized the importance of goal setting. We appreciate the extra time that the instructors are willing to give if approached with some additional learning and preparation. We also like the balance of challenge, push and praise that is given by the instructors. Angus Coll-Smith & Corina Cafazzo

Parent of an 8 yr old & 7 yr old




  1. Obey parents
  2. Cooperate with Brothers and Sisters
  3. Respect teachers and elders
  4. Complete Homework as first priority
  5. Always finish what you started

Our instructors are always encouraging, friendly and act as positive role models for your child. We thrive on giving your child the focus to learn the Martial Arts so that they will improve their behavior both at home and at school. Our staff is obsessed with finding your child’s success.

A family that kicks together, sticks together!



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