Black Belt Grading Photos now online

The photos from the Black Belt Grading Test, November 29, 2014, are now online. (See link below.)

Many printing options to choose from!



Variety of sizes and high quality finishes including Glossy, Matte, Lustre and Metallic. Wall-art and Keepsakes, Photo Cards, Mounted or Framed Prints, Wrapped or rolled canvas also available as well as digital downloads.

Low pricing, exclusively for OMAC students.

Production takes place in the US and shipped directly to you with UPS in just a few days. If you have family and friends anywhere in the world you can order on their behalf and ship to them directly. Or they can visit the site above and order anything they want, shipped to their location. For orders shipped to Canada shipping cost includes taxes and is calculated and added to the order automatically at checkout.

This service is provided as a 3rd-party exclusive service to OMAC students and their families. If you have any questions or require assistance please contact Al Poullis of directly. Neither OMAC nor the photographer is involved in the production and shipping process.

Photos available online at the following address

Many printing options to choose from

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