After School Pick-Up Program

Are you not able to pick your kids up after school? Don't worry, WE are here!

If you’re not able to pick your kids up after school, you won’t have to worry about them sitting around, eating junk food and growing restless and bored. Our after school Tae Kwon Do classes ensure that your kids are active, engaged and having fun when school ends. We’ll even pick your kids up from school!

Tae Kwon Do classes help your children gain confidence, socialize and meet new people, become physically fit, improve teamwork, resist negative peer pressure, improve work ethic, learn respect and more!

OMAC offers a variety of flexible Tae Kwon Do class times to accommodate as many of our students as possible. Our Tae Kwon Do schools in Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville all offer after school Tae Kwon Do training for students.

Class Schedule

Class schedules for all our convenient locations in Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.


All the positive attributes you learn through Tae Kwon Do training lead to personal success in the future.


With our after school Tae Kwon Do program we:

  • Pick up your child after school day and bring them back to OMAC. (Booster chairs are provided for children under age to ensure top safety.)
  • Provide homework completion time when first arriving to OMAC.
  • Offer a nutritious snack.
  • Teach an exciting and fun Tae Kwon Do class.
  • Have free time until parents are finished work and ready to pick up children.

Dushan has been very motivated and eager to earn all his belts. He has learned many virtues, from dedication, perseverance, and confidence. To listening to parents and elders, helping and respecting peers. Dushan has been at OMAC since 2008 and we have only the best words to describe the school. Please continue your excellent work and support for kids.

Kika Veljkovic

Parent of an 8 yr old

Noticed a definite improvement in strength, focus and attention for Luke. The coaching of the staff is excellent – attention to detail, firm when need be but very compassionate and full of praise. They are ALL consistent in their approach which speaks so highly of their ethics and direction of the school.

Alan Murchison

Parent of a 6 yr old

The OMAC After School Tae Kwon Do program gives your children the opportunity to increase their physical fitness, improve their focus and have fun with other students. The children take part in daily confidence building Martial Arts classes with an emphasis on Bully-Proofing, Respect, Focus and Discipline.

Our Tae Kwon Do facilities make it easy for students in Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville & the Greater Toronto Area to enjoy their time after school in a constructive, meaningful way.

The experienced instructors at OMAC are dedicated to teaching fun, informative and challenging Tae Kwon Do classes to students of all ages.




  1. Obey parents
  2. Cooperate with Brothers and Sisters
  3. Respect teachers and elders
  4. Complete Homework as first priority
  5. Always finish what you started

Our instructors are always encouraging, friendly and act as positive role models for your child. We thrive on giving your child the focus to learn the Martial Arts so that they will improve their behavior both at home and at school. Our staff is obsessed with finding your child’s success.

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